I intend to show new content daily on this landing page: a book recommendation, a song, a biography of a writer or scientist, a quote, a joke... For today, I propose:

Daily Rituals (2013) — Mason Currey

Mason Currey In this book, Mason Currey presents the lifestyle, the customs and the (almost) daily schedule that the great minds of the world had, such as W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, G. Flaubert, C. G. Jung, E. Hemingway, N. Tesla, R. Descartes, P. Erdös, I. Asimov and others. On 1-2 pages for each name, the author presents some details about the time they usually got up, then if they continued the day with meetings or walks or other activities more or less banale. One can also find in this book extreme examples, such as writers who started working late in the evening up until the morning or wrote only standing or lying on their stomach, in controlled or carefully set up conditions and others.

Without being a scientific study or very detailed, the book is an easy reading and I found it informative, for some curiosities or mundane facts about great personalities of the world.

The author's website contains other details and excerpts from the book.