About this site

I started this website wanting to make easily available for my students or anyone interested the seminar notes or presentations that I usually prepare for my talks. In perspective, I intend on developing the pages of this website to include more of the fundamental directions that preoccupy me intellectually, such as history and philosophy of science and literature, among others.

The homepage of the website contains an article that changes daily. You can find music recommendations, jokes, quotes, book recommendations, biographies of writers or scientists, small math or physics problems and others.

The site has also a Romanian version which, for practical reasons, is more extensive that the one in English. I chose not to translate the entire content (skipping, e.g., the teaching materials which were originally taught in English).

Any visitor is welcome, the access to the materials being free, the only restriction being, of course, that my original materials should be cited accordingly, if used elsewhere.

I have decided not to include features for comments or messages, but anyone willing to send any ideas, impressions, questions is more than welcome to write me an email at [firstname][lastname][at]fastmail.fm.

The website is under continuous development and will be updated on an (almost) weekly basis, both from a technical point of view, and of content. The pages are made and maintained by me in their entirety and I take full responsibility for this, as well as for any errors that might slip through.